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Send Quran and/or Dawah Packages to your non Muslim employ, neighbor, or a friend


Dear Muslims As Salamu Alaikum,  Thank you for visiting our website.

We are committed to provide Quran and other Dawah material for free to every non Muslim person who would like to read and investigate more about Islam and Muslims.  As you know there are thousands of people eager to seek authentic and accurate information about Islam.

We provide a tool to send Quran or Dawah package to someone whom you know or you may contribute in Dawah pool and let us deliver your Dawah package to someone who is searching for it.We would like to ask all Muslim brothers and sisters to help us by supporting our Dawah programs. May Allah (SWT) accept your Zakat, Sadaqa, & generous  contributions. ( Ameen )

Please select any of the following giving options :

I would like to send an Islamic gift, which include the Holy Quran and Dawah material and

I do have his/her mailing address.

I only have his/her phone number.

     I do not know anyone but I would like to contribute and sponsor, please send Quran or dawah package on my behalf to someone who is in need of it.

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