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We at Dawahcity.com have developed a pool system which provides you an opportunity to send a translated copy of the Holy Quran or Dawah packages as a gift to your employee, neighbor, coworker or any other non-Muslim friend.
If you would like to send a Dawah package to someone you know but you do not have his/her mailing address, just provide us the phone number or email address. We will contact the person and send that gift package on your behalf.

If you would like to send a Quran or any other Dawah material to a non-Muslim but you don’t have any particular person in mind, you can contribute in our Dawah pool system so that we may send your package to someone who has submitted his/her request.

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تساهـم في تـوزيـع المصاحـف مجـانا
Please Pay Your Zakat or Fitrah to Give Quran and Dawah Books to your Non-Muslim friends and neighbors.
تـدفع زكاة الـمال أوالفـطر لنـشر اإلسـالم والقـرآن
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